OMG – sooooo, I’ve been waiting all morning to post in case Christy had baby “L”, but looks like it will still be a few hours yet until my new niece comes into the world.  🙂  My mom and dad are in Columbus with her and her husband, giving her plenty of back massages in the meantime.  I get to meet baby L tomorrow night, and I plan to stay through the 4th so I can get some good lovin’ time in.  I know she will be precious.  My prediction:  brown hair, blue eyes, 7 pound 6 ounces!

It was another great weekend in Atlanta.  Friday night James surprised me with a “reverse date”, where you basically go on a date backwards.  So we had drinks first, dessert second, and dinner last at three different spots in town.  We were so full by dinner though that we didn’t quite make it to the appetizer round (and we kinda cheated by having a few snacks at the first place).  It was a fun way to explore new restaurants in the city that I haven’t been to yet.  I think my favorite out of all three was Sauced, as it had a 70’s retro feel to it.

I had terrible dreams last night… not sure if it was the storms passing through or just a funky trigger of some sort.  I dreamed that there were multiple tornadoes all around Birmingham, and that the city was on fire.  It was dark and gloomy, and there were lost injured animals everywhere.  What the crap does that mean???  Maybe I ate something bad before sleep. 😉

It’s July!!!  Of course I checked out my monthly horoscope on Susan Miller’s website the second they were up.  You should too if you have about 20 minutes to spare, b/c that is how long it will take you to read it…hahaha.  She is my favorite and the only forecast I will take the time to read.  This month is going to be nuts – Chattanooga this weekend with friends, Louisville next weekend to see Lee Ann, then Indianapolis the last weekend for the Indy Film Festival.  We got more good news over the weekend for Crush, which we will announce as soon as we can!  It’s going to be a fun July.

A surprise reverse date! We had drinks first at Sauced, dessert second at Harper Station, then dinner at Parish. Photo by James

Banana Pudding at Harper Station – vanilla wafers topped with coffee ice cream inside of melty marshmellow, and fried bananas on the side. Photo by James

Killer Rabbit – awesome drink at Sauced in ATL.

Tour de France! A temporary tattoo on James.

Momma Paula and James