Sooooo, I was way off.  Lucy Elizabeth came into the world yesterday at 5:41 pm (Eastern Time) with strawberry blonde hair and weighing in at 6 pounds.  My prediction was that she would have dark hair and be 7 pounds 6 ounces (ha!), but Christy has proven yet again that she has the dominant genes in the marriage.  😉  Christy had the most beautiful red hair growing up, and it seemed to constantly change color from year to year.  When she was born it was hardly there at all, then by the time she was 4 or 5 she was a true carrot top.  In high school it turned a beautiful auburn red and has mostly been the same ever since.  We also seem to have an abundance of girls in our family ever since my grandmother Louise had her seven boys.  So far it’s three nieces to zero nephews.  Also, if you look at my first cousins on the West side (and there are about 22) there are only three boys.  My mom and dad had three girls before David came around, and he was treated like a prince because of it!

Tonight I head to Columbus, GA with my sister Rachel to see baby Lucy for the first time.  We will spend the night in the hospital and just stare at her until our heart’s content.  My mom is going to stay an extra night as well, so it will be like a little slumber party (minus the sleeping part…).  Tomorrow is Rachel’s birthday as well, so there are many reasons to celebrate.

Since I like to call each of my direct relatives something really strange… like Rach the Roach (hahaha), Davo Potato, Anna Banana, Lilly Bean… there had to be a name for Lucy.  That’s when James came up with Lucy Bug, which I think suits her perfectly.  So let’s make this official: Here ye, here ye, from this day forth the little West baby born on July 2nd shall be known as The Bug! Or, buggy for short. 😀

Lucy Elizabeth Schreck – 6 pounds, 20 inches, beautiful eyes 🙂

A one day old Lucy Elizabeth in her pretty gown.