Happy Fifth of July! My holiday was especially wonderful since I got to meet my newest niece Lucy Bug in Columbus, GA.  She was cool as a cucumber, just chillin’ in her hospital gown taking her new world all in.  When she did cry (like…twice) it sounded like a little teapot.  🙂  I stayed the night with Christy on Tuesday evening so she could get a little rest before heading back home the next day.  I don’t know how you mommas do it with no sleep, I was completely wiped.  Don’t let anyone fool you – being a mother could be one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  But by the look on Christy’s face every time she got to hold her little bug, it is also one of the most rewarding.  When she got back home yesterday, Anna Banana was super excited to welcome them.  When Christy said that Lucy might be hungry, Anna quickly offered the baby some of her staple chicken nuggets.  😉  She is going to be a great big sister.

Last night we celebrated my sister Rachel’s birthday, since it falls on the Fourth of July.  We had Prosecco, yummy BBQ and fresh birthday berry tarts.  After dinner we headed to our little hidden spot to watch the city of Birmingham’s annual fireworks display.  I crashed and burned soon after super early, and I got a solid night’s sleep before heading back to work today.  Doesn’t it seem like a Monday, for those of you who are back in the office?  It’s a neat feeling since the weekend is just around the corner.

Speaking of this weekend, I am really excited to be going on a mini trip with James, Dan & Lauren to Chattanooga to play and explore.  If you have any area suggestions, please let me know!  We’ve already gotten several restaurant recommendations, and now we just need to find some fun things to do.  I’ve been to the city several times, as it’s one of my favorite quick vacation destinations from Birmingham.

What do you do when you have a negative emotion or thought…. caused from fear, anxiety, frustration or insecurity?  This is always an interesting life obstacle, and one that needs everyone’s attention from time to time.  For me, exercise and rest really help with combating the little annoying demons that make us second guess ourselves (and others) time to time.  Also, being proactive and making goals keeps me focused on the positive.  All life is energy, and the thoughts and vibes we put out there make a big difference in how things unfold for us.  I am always very impressed with myself in the ability to bounce back from the occasional negative thought, so it brings me comfort to know that if I am ever doubtful that I will return to my full confident nature within a reasonable amount of time.  I am grateful to have a sunny disposition, and I will fight to keep it!

Lucy Elizabeth Schreck


Me and Lucy Bug


Rachel got a Lily Bean for her birthday on the 4th of July!