Faaaaaaaa-riday!!  Happy jig happy jig happy jig! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

I wrote a happy list this week of things that I’d like to have happen in the near future, which were all attainable.  The same day I wrote it, a coworker brought up a surprise four leaf clover to the office…. so I taped it to the back just for good measure.  I’ve been reading it every day, even multiple times if I an remember.  They say that is how vision boards and even self talk (whether positive or negative) works, if you see or repeat something to yourself enough times…it is more likely to come true.  If you tell yourself that you are ugly or that you’ll never lose weight, it is certainly true.  You could be the most beautiful person on the planet, but if you think you are unattractive, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.  I love to see confident women who are outside of what we normally think of as beautiful.  I find myself being attracted to their magnetism and light.  You can tell when someone really likes who they are, and it makes you like them even more in return.  I struggle with self-image from time to time, as we all do, and I have to remind myself often that I am perfect….because I’m me.  It doesn’t matter if the scale goes up a little bit, or if my face is broken out.  Each day is a gift with endless possibilities, and my body is precious because I get to use it to taste, smell, see, hear and feel.  And not only that, but I get to share my days and minutes with other beings just like me.  Who have the same obstacles and same joys.  Together we can experience a life that we were truly meant to live, love and enjoy.