This morning marked the running reunion of Vero and I after her 2 week trip to Europe visiting family & such.  She brought me back a special present – a Tour de France keychain that her aunt caught mid-air as the peloton passed through her parent’s neighborhood in Belgium!  And I love love love it.  She also took some video as the cyclists zipped through town, and it’s amazing how quickly they come and go.  It seemed as if they were going 40-50 mph right in front of her face.  I hope I get the opportunity to see the race live myself one day too.  I can only imagine the powerful force those riders emit.  It’s really crazy to think that they are still out there competing in that same exact race… in fact, I watched them this morning as I was getting ready for work.

Speaking of athletes –  have you ever seen ESPN’s annual Bodies We Want photographs?  Dang, is all I have to say.  That’s some serious motivation to keep your rear in gear.  I loved looking at their heights & weights…especially the women.  It is so interesting that two athletes of similar shape, height & build could have such a weight difference.  They are all so beautiful.  The other night while watching some Olympic Trials, I heard a female runner say that she never hits the track without her make-up on.  🙂  I thought that was pretty fun to see a girl breaking stereotypes of elite female athletes.  Who says you can’t wear a little lipstick while kicking some ass?

Our bodies want to be moved and used.  Every time I do something active, my brain rewards me with lots of feel-good endorphins as if to say thank you.  It may not always be easy to find the time and energy to do something physical, but it’s always worth the effort.  Sometimes I when I run, I think of the miracle that it is to be able to use my legs in such a way.  I am moving myself purely by self-propelled energy.  There are so many things going on within my brain and body that I’m not even aware of to be able to do so.  I think that’s a pretty amazing thing.

Keychain caught by Vero’s aunt in the air during the Tour de France!