During my day job I do a lot of inspirational and motivational messaging, telling others to be confident by looking within themselves.  That beauty comes from the inside out.  That wellness starts from finding peace in who you are.  Happiness is acceptance and betterment in balance.  I’m sure that it is no coincidence that I find myself in this role at this time in my life, because as I send these messages out, I am certainly my #1 audience.  I wonder if anyone ever fully embodies these concepts 100%?  Unless you are the Dalai Lama, then you probably have to constantly process the meaning of the word peace and how it fits into your own life.  On top of that, our lives are always changing, so our application and practice have to change with it.  I think I’m starting to find peace in the fact that I may never fully realize peace, that it is instead an ongoing journey.

With each year my journey becomes more refined and elegant.  I see things more clearly and am able to appreciate the small and big things that happen along the way.  Last night while trying to find some information that happened in the past, I got the opportunity to scroll through some of my old blog posts from earlier in 2012.  Sometimes when I do individual posts, it feels like I’m not contributing at all to the bigger picture.  But when you see all of the pieces together, a life unfolds.  A process becomes apparent.   I am so grateful that I’ve continued on with writing as often as possible, striving to hit 5 posts a week.  Even on days where I don’t feel like I have much to say, it’s still a piece of the puzzle that combines to make the portrait of a life.  The life of someone named Jen West.