This weekend started off by my feeling a little under the weather, but I quickly rallied for my preplanned trip to see one of my best friends in Louisville, KY for the Forecastle Festival.  James and I rode up together since he was heading home to Ohio anyway, so I got to introduce him to Lee Ann (LA) before he took off.  Louisville is such a special city…it is very similar to Birmingham in a lot of ways, but a little bit bigger.  There are sooooo many neighborhoods to explore, local restaurants to eat in, and creative/interesting people to meet.  I always enjoy my time there.  I got meet two of LA’s dear friends in the city, Julie & Tabb, and I quickly adopted them as friends of my own.  There are few things better than finding and having girlfriends with similar viewpoints and dispositions.  They are both in their early thirties, ambitious, confident, beautiful and so much fun to be around.  If I ever miss my 20’s for a hot minute, all I have to do is look at friends like them to remind me of what an amazing time of life I’m in right now.  On our agenda for Forecastle was the Preservation Jazz Hall Band, Washed Out, Girl Talk and My Morning Jacket.  If you take nothing else away from this blog post today, you should remember this:  you MUST go see a Girl Talk show in your lifetime.  This was my third time to see him, and probably the best experience yet.  The sun was setting over the river and the vibe was perfect.  We found this awesome fenced off space next to the sound tent about halfway back from the stage that we used as our own personal dance floor.  No lie – I think we danced like complete maniacs for about 80 minutes straight.  You  just can’t help yourself, and it’s especially awesome when you don’t know any of the people around you.  😉  Girl Talk will be coming to Atlanta in late September for Music Midtown, so unless I am on my death bed my butt is going to be there.

Something really unlucky and extraordinarily lucky happened to me at the same time on the way home yesterday from Louisville.  Before I left the city, I accidentally made a wrong turn….so while turning around, I went ahead and got some gas for my ride back.  I filled up my tank, then went inside to get some water and use the restroom.  Turns out they didn’t have public restrooms, that I had to drive across the street to the Dairy Queen before heading out.  I do as I’m told, and as I walk back to my car at DQ, my back tire is completely flat.  This was super bad news.  After staring at my car for about 5 minute hoping that I was just imagining things, I decided to walk back over to the gas station.  As I was asking the clerk about what I should do, she randomly yelled at a gentleman walking out of the door.  Turns out he is a professional roadside assistant.  🙂  I give him $20 to change my spare and he leads me down to his friend’s tire garage down the street.  As we are on the way, I quickly realize that this isn’t the best part of town… and I was super lucky that I had to make that extra stop at the DQ, b/c if I hadn’t, I would have been on the interstate stranded.  The guy stays with me for the next hour or so as they change my tire just to be sure I was safe.  Turns out my spare broke on the way over as well, and they said that I wouldn’t have made it 10 miles on my own.  They sent me off only $40 out-of-pocket for the whole ordeal, and my new temporary tire got me to Birmingham safe and sound.  I had a guardian angel looking out for me yesterday morning, for sure.

Lesson learned:  Get roadside assistance!!!!

James meeting Lee Ann before he took off for Ohio

Riding a John Deer up to the festival entrance 🙂

Lee Ann and Chris Massey play frisbee between shows

Walking to Preservation Jazz Hall Band

Me, Lee Ann and Julie

Pre-Girl Talk

Washed Out


Goodbye to Louisville