There is a little frog snow globe that sits on my desk at work that my friend Demet gave me for Valentine’s Day.  The frog is holding a red heart with the word “Love” on it.  Sometimes I stare at it when my thoughts wander away for a few minutes, or if I need to focus on an idea.  I’m sure it cost less than a $1, but I have spent more time gazing upon it in the last few months than most other things in my life.  Sometimes I think about how it’s made, sometimes I think about why I still even have it.  I think I held on to it because it was the only Valentine’s gift I got this year.  I remember seeing it for the first time and smiling at how ridiculous it was.  I instantly fell in love.  It came with a little card and I remember saying to my coworker that I had a Valentine after all.  🙂  She brought it to my workplace which made it even more special.  I have no idea why I’m telling you this today, but since I caught myself staring at it again this morning I thought the story needed to be told.  Sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most.

I think my Baby Kitty is lonely.  Since Kitten died in early March, we’ve both been missing a piece of our hearts.  I still think about her spirit and how she was such a wonderful pet.  I hope the time is near when we can get another member to our little family and make it whole again.  Just like everything else in life though, the timing needs to be right before we can cross that bridge.   I am hopeful that it will be in the next few months.  Whenever it is though, he/she will definitely be a rescue.

When I look at my snow globe, I just stare at the word love.  I like to incorporate it into sentences that are most appropriate for my thoughts of the day.   Sometimes I think of all the ways love applies to my life, from things I love to do and the people I love the most.  Or just about love in general… because it’s the one word/feeling/hope that makes life worth living.  Love is passion, love is fuel.  Love keeps us going, whether for another person, a cause, or a dream.  All we have to do is find the things that light our hearts up the most and hold on to them for as long as we can….and savor every moment we get to enjoy them.

Frog Globe