I love rain and thunderstorms, especially when I can be indoors to enjoy them.  Even more so when I can be in bed snuggled up with a good book in my PJ’s and a glass of wine.  If it’s storming outside, you can take a rain check for almost anything (besides work, of course).  Life can be put on hold until the clouds clear for the most part.  Or maybe that’s just a southern thing, kinda like snow.

Rain always reminds me that a slower pace can be a welcome change.  Maybe we don’t know need to be running around at full throttle all of the time…. instead maybe we should just kick back for a few seconds and just listen to nature happening around us.   While we are all-consumed by our computer screens or our daily schedules, the world is still following its natural cycles.  Mother Nature has her own rules and doesn’t care if you needed to be at x place by y time.   Some things seem so important when we get tunnel vision, when in fact, they aren’t even a blip on the radar of the bigger picture.  I am glad we are reminded of this fact by the occasional drizzle.

Since I was already focused on the weather, I started thinking about what my favorite kind is.  I think the cool, dry fall air is at the top of my list.  It makes me feel all fuzzy and giddy inside, like a big present is coming my way.  I could go on and on as to why the fall is my favorite season of all….so I will spare you that until the weather does actually start to change.  Still, you can’t beat the feeling of the sun hitting your skin on a summer day.  Only for a few minutes, of course, but that’s long enough to gather the warmth in every part of your body.  Sometimes I feel like a little plant craving the light, like my soul requires it to recharge.  Especially when it’s sub 70 degrees in my office, hahaha.

Have you ever been on a run, walk or bike ride in the warm summer rain?  There’s nothing like it, and it’s nothing short of magical.  Once you make peace with the fact that you are going to be soaked through to the bone, that is.  Playing in the rain makes you feel like a child again, as if you are doing something rebellious and undiscovered.  I love to feel the rain drops running over my eyelashes and through my hair.  It is the perfect shower to wash away whatever ails you.