I love time with my girlfriends.  Over the past week I’ve gotten to spend quality time with several, which has made my soul happy.  Last night I had a great dinner with Brandi & Demet at Rojo where we caught up on each others lives over a few beers and laughs.  This morning I went on an amazing 4.5-5 mile run with Vero and Brandi, my all time favorite running group!  They never cease to challenge me with their fitness and we always have a lot of fun…exactly the way exercise should be.  However, I think I will take a much-needed day off tomorrow from physical activity!!

Have you guys tried Irish Oatmeal?  It is sooooo delicious.  The texture is a little different from what we normally eat here, as it has a bit of a bite to it.  My favorite thing to do with oatmeal is to cook a sliced banana along with it.  They melt together to make a great breakfast with protein, fiber and healthy carbs.  Perfect after an intense run with your super in-shape friends.  Hahaha

Some weeks just fly by and this has certainly been one of them.  By the time a new month starts, especially this year, it seems like it is almost time for the next.  I think that is probably a good sign that I’m enjoying my time and doing things that are stimulating for my spirit.  I am still challenged by the fact that I sometimes dwell on the few minor things that I wish were different, but that way of thinking is something that I try to stay aware and away from.  Things are pretty great, and I am grateful 100% for that fact.  I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes when things are close to the way you’d like them to be, you begin to question how long it will last.  And that is such a terrible thought.  It’s true that all of life’s little components – like work, love, and family – are constantly shifting and becoming a little different with each passing day.  Different doesn’t have to mean bad.  I think change can surprise you sometimes…the unexpected can bring you some of the best gifts.  Today I will open myself up fully to this thought:  I deserve to be 100% happy all of the time.  That things will always change, but if I embrace ebbs and flows with a good attitude and outlook, then there is no reason why I can’t find beauty and peace in most things that happen.  I’m lucky in that I already try to think this way most of the time, but it’s an ongoing practice.  I am my most happiest when I just relax, and realize that I am almost always surrounded by hope and possibility.

Dinner with Brandi & Demet at Rojo

Running Buddies

Irish Oatmeal