FRIDAY!!!  And not only that…. Friday afternoon!  Such an excellent feeling.  Probably three of you will actually read this post today since I am later than usual. 🙂  On to the weekend!

I have been thinking about how our feelings are so greatly controlled by what’s going on inside of our bodies.  Being tired, being hormonal, being without certain foods (or having too much) can tremendously affect the positive vibes going on upstairs.  How do you keep the chemical balance in check all of the time?  I am sure it is harder for some than for others depending on your own body chemistry.  In the past few days my rosacea has decided to be a pain the butt (or face, if you will) and I’ve done tons of research on natural remedies for flare-ups and prevention.  Our bodies are so sensitive to what we put in them, which can be a damn shame when you want that piece of chocolate cake.  Sugar and fat really are like crack, and the body literally craves them once you give it a little.  But no matter how much you eat, 10-30 minutes later you are left wanting more.  It takes me days sometimes to forget the rush that some foods and drinks can give… but once I do, my body feels better than ever before.  It’s almost as if sugar is a mood and brain super stimulant (and depressant), whereas fruits, vegetables and natural proteins are body stimulants.  Clean foods just make you feel better inside and out.

A friend of mine who suffers from migraines keeps a food list on her refrigerator with three categories:  Triggers, Suspected Triggers, and Foods That Make Me Feel Good.  It was strange, some of the foods that she mentioned as triggers for her headaches were also the same ones that cause my face to go cray-cray.  Things such as fatty meat, fried foods, alcohol and chocolate were similarities.  I started to smile when I read her feel-good list as it made me feel good just to read it, because it was full of whole foods found from the earth.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten much more excited about fruits and vegetables….especially of the local variety.  I’ve heard people discuss if it’s just a trendy thing to do, but I honestly believe that there is nothing better for you than foods found within a 50-100 mile radius of where you live.  I hope to one day have a garden of my own in the near future.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of picking vegetables with my mom and siblings from the one we had growing up.  My mom would then either cook, bake or can whatever we had grown ourselves.  It was such a neat process to be a part of.

On that note… I hope you eat lots of healthy stuff this weekend!  See you on Monday.