It’s a brand new week, full of fresh starts and opportunities.  Mondays seem like the perfect day to be down or unmotivated, but instead, it’s really a chance to jump off on the right foot.  Sometimes on Sundays I find myself feeling a little sad that the weekend is almost over and end up wasting the whole day dwelling on that fact.  On my drive home from Atlanta last night, which is always bittersweet, I started to make a mental list of the things I am excited to do that happen during the week…and there are plenty indeed.  I think it’s interesting the way our calendar year is set-up – it is basically broken down into short term and long term goals.  Which is exactly the way we are programmed to think as human beings.  There are so many cycles and ways to break down time: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.  What can you do in a minute?  Well for starters, you can change your whole attitude and outlook.  What can you do in a year?  The answer is, anything you want.  Every Monday you get the chance to start over.  Every morning you get the opportunity to live another day.  As James would say: Get Posi! 🙂

Me, taken by James

We were trying to feed the turtles, instead we got 10,000 crazy fish.

A favorite place in ATL.

James is a high jumper.

A staged photo so you could see OWEN WILSON behind me. 🙂

Deviled eggs made by James