The Olympics are always so inspiring.  The athletes have spent the majority of their lives training for this very moment, to compete against their peers.  Only one can win.  Second place is not as good as first.  It is such a brutal game – so many leave broken-hearted falling short of their goals.  Is it really about just being there and getting the opportunity to compete, or do you have to leave with the ultimate prize for it to have all been worthwhile?  I guess it depends on the athlete and how they train their brain to cope.  Sometimes when we see these athletes on TV we only notice their incredible bodies and physiques…but what they’ve really done above all is train their minds.  They can process pain, failure and endurance on a much higher level than most of us.  To be a successful athlete, you have to know what it feels like to come up short.  To not reach your goal.  You know what it’s like to have others be better than yourself, but you still believe that you can win if you train harder, longer and smarter.  I think the Olympics teaches us that having focus and dedication is what truly makes us succeed.  It’s the only way, really.  And luckily for the rest of us, the only true competition we have is ourselves in the long run.

Of all the obstacles and hurdles that the world puts in my way, I find that my chances for success are still mostly shaped by my beliefs.  Do I think that I’m worth it?  Do I believe that I can achieve what’s important to me?  Do I believe that my life is valuable?  Luckily, the answers are: yes.