Is there anything better than getting a solid night’s sleep?  Last night I crashed for close to 11 hours, and it was ammmmmmazing.  I had two challenging runs in considerable heat within 24 hours and a hard day’s work to make up for, and my body is thanking me this morning for the extra rest.  People tease me sometimes for my need to get 8+, but you just have to listen to what your body needs.  I know since I am well-rested at least 85% of the time that I will perform better at the things that are important during my waking hours.  I will have more energy and alertness.  Who doesn’t want that?

While out in Birmingham yesterday doing our next two editorial shoots, I couldn’t help but think what a special little city we have.  There are so many little pockets left to explore, even for someone like me who has lived here for most of their life.  We stumbled upon a great place near the tracks with some brand new graffiti that we decided to shoot in front of, but on our very last shot we learned from the railroad police that we were trespassing.  Luckily for us, they let us go with no problems since it was a genuine mistake.  Before we left they asked what month they could expect to see editorial in, and seemed excited to see what we had done before being discovered by them.  😉  Lesson learned: don’t hang out near the tracks folks.

I think Thursday deserves a nomination for being an awesome day of the week.  It is already starting to taste a little bit like Friday and the weekend, but still plenty of time left to get the work you need to done before having some days off.  Thursday is anticipation in it’s most perfect form…. it represents everything you want within grasp.  Sometimes the anticipation of something very wanted is more rewarding than actually getting it.  When you anticipate, you dream of all it can be: how it looks, feels, tastes, and sounds.  I love to dream of scenarios for things yet to happen.  Conversations that might be had and feelings to be experienced.  I think that’s why most of us feel such a let-down after a big event…. not really b/c it happened, but because we can’t look forward to it anymore.  I find I am most happiest when there is something ahead to dream about.  Don’t you?

Birmingham from the tracks.