Last night while watching the Olympics (which I am totally hooked on despite all the spoilers), I did some research on the idea of opportunity.  What is the ratio of opportunity sought out compared to opportunity that just presents itself?  And if one is looking for opportunity, what is the average amount of time before giving up if it can’t be found?  I found all sorts of answers to these questions, and as you probably suspect it has everything to do with outlook, drive and determination.  The likelihood of success is highly in your favor if you are actively searching it out, even if it doesn’t unfold exactly the way you had planned.  I think if you put positive energy into something, eventually it is going to come back.  Maybe not when or how you expected, but it does nonetheless.  I was thinking about this as I was watching Gabby win her gold medal in the women’s gymnastics all-around.  Just a year before she had considered quitting, and was at a low point in her athletic career.  What a difference 365 days can make, as she is now #1 in the entire world.  I know this is an extreme point/case, but I see it happen more often than not.  When someone really, really wants something – and they give it their all – it can’t help but happen.  That’s also why they say, “be careful what you wish for.”  If your outlook is doom and gloom, your world probably is too.  But if you have hope, good intentions, and dreams (with a little sparkle of energy) then that positive energy will turn into something beautiful.

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