One of the best parts about having a blog is coming up with the titles everyday.  I wonder if I’ve duplicated any out of the 775 posts that I’ve done?  It’s always the last thing I do after I write, tag and select my entry categories.  I’ve had days where I just stare at the title blank with no clue as to what to write… but most of the time I can easily find it within the body text.  It would be a fun project to do a post full of titles and nothing else.  I wonder what all of the words streamed together would say?  Probably a bunch of nothin’. 🙂

I know most of you are probably over the Olympics, and I’m pretty close to it myself.  I’ve seen all sorts of commentary on it being the year of woman, not being the year of the woman, and questioning whether or not it’s ok to be pretty, muscular and/or a strong female personality.  This time around there’s a strange focus on the athlete’s personal lives that I’ve never noticed before.  We see a lot of the their family, back stories, and interview-type questioning.  It’s almost like a reality tv show – a little scripted and maybe crossing a few lines away from the point of it all.  It does give you a more intimate view of the athlete themselves, which provides a connection that might otherwise not have existed.  Anyway, it’s neither right or wrong…just an observation.  The one thing that I have really appreciated about these games is the fact that a strong female body is becoming widely viewed as a beautiful thing.  I love that most of the female athletes have a little meat on their bones, have muscular definition and have competitive spirits.  Not in the too distant past were these things viewed as masculine traits and possibly even unattractive or unfeminine.  I love any human soul that has a passion to fight to their limit, whether physically or mentally.  You see that quality in almost anyone who is truly successful in any area of life.  On the other end of the spectrum, you see that same spirit in people who are fighting for their life…whether from cancer, danger, injury or anything else.  It’s something that exists in all of us, but what does it take for it to come alive?

Sunrise reflection from the top of my car this morning.