Another weekend for the books bursting at the seams with activity – full of friends, family and love.  Man, am I one lucky girl these days.  Saturday was full-on family day as my sister Christy and her crew came in town for Rachel & David’s wedding reception/going away party.  There was a house full of baby girls – a five-week old, a 1.5 year old and a 2.5 year old. Baby Lucy smiled at me for the very first time, which made me a very proud aunt indeed.  The thing about having a large family (and boy, do I have one) is that there are always moments of complete chaos, equally matched with moments of pure happiness.  I remember at one point on Saturday almost putting my ovaries into retirement after every single child in that household went into fits of rage at the exact same time…hahaha.  🙂  But when it was peaceful, it made the other less pleasant parts a distant memory.  I love to hear my little nieces laugh and talk, or run around like they have endless amounts of energy.  I remember looking at Lily at one point and thinking – I was once that size.  I was once that carefree and innocent.  We all were.  It’s so interesting how our lives change with each decade of life.  And you can never go back, you never get a redo.  That’s why it’s so important to embrace where you are right this very second.  The only way to relive or re-experience childhood again is through a child.  I think grandparents especially get that, as they’ve been a child themselves and have also raised their own children.  They know how quickly it all goes by, and how special each opportunity is to see life through a child’s eyes.

My mom and dad are such positive role models in their desire to live an adventurous, healthy long life.  They still love doing things together…and these days they are off exploring in their RV most weekends when the weather is nice with their two pups.  They have tremendous balance – my dad is still running a business that he built from the ground up (now with my brother Dave), they have good relationships with all of their kids and a home that is welcoming and inviting to anyone who needs a roof over their head.  My mom still takes full joy in making meals for whoever wants to stop by and fill their bellies up.  They share, they love and most importantly they take care of themselves.  That’s probably the ultimate lesson that they’ve taught me:  Once you’ve taken care of yourself in body, mind and spirit, then you can take care of others.  If you show love to yourself, then you have even more to give.

Congrats David & Rachel!!


Micah & Tina


Saturday night at The Club.


James shooting the skyline.


My sweet family.