Yesterday evening I met my girls Brandi & Vero for a group run with three options: 2 miles, 4 miles or 6 miles.  I was one minute late for the start, and as I was driving up I yelled out of my car window for them to wait for me.  I quickly parked my car and hit the ground sprinting to catch up with the crew going down 7th Avenue South.  When I caught up with them about a minute or two later, I learned that Vero had signed us up for the 6 miler.  Since my butt has been a casual runner as of late, 6 miles hasn’t been on my radar in quite some time.  But I knew I could do it.  Also, I knew I would have the option to peel off at mile 4 if I wasn’t feeling it…which was a pretty decent back-up plan.  The outside air was almost fall-like as we started on our way.  I felt a surge of energy from the temperature and had a solid start.  Once mile 2 and mile 4 came around, I was still feeling great.  So I decided to go for the 6.  The course takes you through Highland Park, 5 Points South and the north side of downtown by Linn Park…. almost exactly the same as the Vulcan Run.  Once we hit the downtown area on our last leg, my soul just lit up with happiness.  I hit me that the weather was indeed the first sign of fall coming our way, and that the end of summer was upon us.  It is always a little sad to say goodbye to a season, but nothing lights me up more than the fall…especially the anticipation of it.  It means that all of my favorite festivals are just around the bend (including the Sidewalk Film Festival next weekend, where Crush will debut in B’ham), and also my favorite holidays.  If we were in a permanent state of fall, I would be one happy girl.

As we got to mile 5 of our run, I knew mile 6 was within grasp.  In fact, I wasn’t even feeling that worn down or tired…it seemed like any other run I do during the week.  Then I wondered, is anything perceived as “difficult” or “hard” exactly that – just a perception?  I went into that run with a great attitude, then finished with ease.  Of course, it is important to say that I do 4-5 mile runs on a regular basis, so my body was prepared for the distance.  But besides that fact, I think it was my confidence that pulled me through.  I just felt good.  Once we were done I was really, really proud of myself.  Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.

I started reading this amazing book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg last night that I purchased at Church Street Coffee and Books in Crestline Village.  It immediately caught my eye as I was browsing through the titles, as I’ve always felt like habits literally run our lives from the second we wake up to the moment we go to bed at night.  I also believe that we can do almost anything we want if we program our minds in the right fashion in order to succeed.  Habits take the form of things that we do, to the things that we say to ourselves.  It’s hard to break a habit, and it’s equally as hard to create one.  Within the power of true success is the ability to do just that…as needed when goals change.  I am looking forward to absorbing every word of this book. Also, if you live in the Birmingham area, you must check out that little coffee shop/book store.  It is the perfect place to find a great read without overwhelming you with a sea of options.  Just being in there made me want to have 4 books under my arm waiting to be ingested into my brain.  You must go by and visit, it is worth the drop-in!

Sidewalk Film Festival – only 10 days away!