I love the first day of school on Facebook, it is so much fun to see all the little kiddos in their outfits and the looks of anticipation.  The parents always seem equally as excited as their babies, until after they see them off.  Then you start to see posts about tears of realization that the years have somehow gone by way too fast.  The first day of school is in fact a big life moment for both parent and child.  There seems to be landmark events that bookmark our lives at different points: birth, walking, talking, first day of school, driving, graduation, college, first love, marriage, child-birth, career…then there is this big lull from like age 30-55 or 60 where there’s a definite lack of what’s perceived as noteworthy.  This is the time where most people’s focus shifts to their children’s lives, then the whole cycle is repeated again.  There is certainly joy in watching another human experience important events, especially when they are your own baby.  But what about your own life during this time?  As a woman with no children at 33, I’ve found that I have to make my own “big events” to look forward to…which is actually kind of awesome.  I’ve said many times before that growing up I couldn’t really see myself past the age of 34… not that I thought I would be dead, I just didn’t know what kind of visual to assign to it.  What am I doing in the future with my life?  What are my long-term dreams and goals?  I think having children is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and maybe one day it will happen to me.  But if it doesn’t then I still want to have a bad ass life worthy of looking forward to everyday and remembering when I’m old and gray.  Here are some things that I would love to do and uphold:

1.  Travel as much as possible, see as many places as I can.
2.  Write a book, or twenty.
3.  Make a feature film, become a respected female director.
4.  Treat my body well: keep it in shape, feed it good food, and love it every day.
5.  Make things with my hands.
6.  Love with no insecurities or agenda.
7.  Laugh as often as possible.
8.  Do good work.
9.  Help other living beings.
10.  Embrace optimism.
11.  Continue making experiences a priority.
12.  Appreciate everything that I have.
13.  Learn from others wiser than  myself.
14.  Be passionate about everything.
15.  Be open to change and other viewpoints.
16.  Define my own life.
17.  Be remembered as someone who lived as best as they could.

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