On days when I can’t quite articulate my thoughts, or just want to celebrate the good in life, I like to make a Love List.  Today is one of those days!

Things I LOVE:

1.  Friends – new and old
2.  Celebrating joys with others
3.  Peel and eat shrimp with lots of cocktail sauce
4.  My Baby Kitty
5.  Nieces
6.  Feeling inspired or motivated by others around me
7.  Possibilities
8.  Conquering vulnerability
9.  Confidence
10.  The feeling that fall is on its way…
11.  A good night’s sleep
12.  Riding in the car to Atlanta to see James
13.  Planning creative goals
14.  Running while listening to the Arcade Fire Pandora station
15.  Vegetarians, Vegans, Locavores (even if I’m not any of these at the moment)
16.  People who fail from time to time, but never give up…and win more than they think (talking to you, Stephen Vinson!)
17.  Hope, endurance, focus, determination
18.  A positive outlook
19.  Sunshine when I am cold
20.  Warm drinks
21.  Feeling good about my body
22.  Independent filmmakers
23.  Mini challenges (I have a few for September that I will tell you about soon!)
24.  Working out with friends
25.  Alone time

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful.  See you tomorrow!