Last night I had a glass of wine with my sweet friend Micah Manor at her place in Highland Park.  We listened to the last winds of Isaac outside of  her open front porch door while she whipped up some homemade spaghetti with wheat pasta for us to munch on for dinner.  Her home is very uniquely her, with items from the sea thoughtfully placed almost everywhere you look.  Even she looks like a sun bunny fresh from a day at the beach, complete with dark skin and sun highlighted hair.  Micah is also very laid back, especially for a Leo, so there is an instant calm that surrounds you once you step foot in her little beach bungalow.  She gives you undivided attention while you speak and gives heart-felt advice.  Her stories and updates are also quite entertaining, so I love getting refreshed on her life.  There is an innocent honesty about her that I admire.

This morning I got up bright and early at 4:15 a.m. to take Vero to the airport for her trip to Austin, TX.  What is it about getting up at an ungodly hour that makes it a little fun?  It’s almost like bragging rights for the rest of the day with instant sympathy. 😀 Waking up that early reminds me of going to Six Flags when I was younger, b/c we always had to get there when the gates opened in Atlanta, Georgia (an hour ahead and a 2.5 hour drive from Birmingham).  Anything before 5 a.m. usually means an awesome trip of some sort, which is exactly what Vero had in store.  I also enjoy taking people to the airport, because you can feel their enthusiasm before a fun adventure.  Of course the second I dropped her off I went back home and snuggled in bed for another hour or so.

Yesterday evening before heading over to Micah’s I had a great solo run.  I popped on my headphones and played some amazing music, and got lost in my own head space for about 45 minutes.  I found some new alleys to explore, my favorite one being a little cut-through over a field of grass.  It was on top of a hill and had an unexpected view of tree tops and the golf course, very close to the downtown area.  I had a lot of ideas as well during my run, which inspired the creative wheels to start turning.  I love when that happens.  Very few things can beat a run at your own pace on a peaceful, windy day.

This weekend I am heading to Atlanta to see James for a few days, which I always look forward to.  Today is also the last day of August, can you believe it?  That means fall is well on its way.  I’m ready to see what the rest of the year has in store, and to spend my time with those I love the most.

Wine with Micah.