I want to love yoga, sooooooooooooooo much.  You have no idea.  I love the people who practice it, the way they look, and the whole concept.  But when I get in there to do it, I just get so frustrated.  My wrists hurt, I am worried about my posture the whole time, and I just can’t get that spirit-body-mind connection everyone talks so much about.  My favorite part is the end where you get to lay on the floor in a semi-meditation.  🙂  Last night there were a few superstars in class who were killing some super hard balancing poses…straight-up pretzel style.  I wanted to be them – so cool, calm and strong.  Instead I was in the back of the room praying that we would get out of downward dog before my wrists collapsed.  To those of you who can rock a Side Crow or a Supported Headstand, you have my complete respect.  I will give it a few more shots since I purchased a week of classes, but don’t hold your breathe.

Tonight I am going to meditation with Micah, who is my partner-in-crime for new activities this week.  I gave it a go once last year but didn’t continue on with it, so this time I hope to give it more of a shot.  I think this might be more my speed, more of what I’m looking for as far as spiritual growth.  If there was a yoga class just for stretching, relaxation & meditation, that would be perfection.  Yoga for exercise/cardio just doesn’t do it for me, unfortunately.  But hopefully someday that might change, because I think it is a great low-impact exercise for your body.

Which brings me to something that I was writing about with a friend yesterday.  If exercise is a priority for you, it is so important to find something that you truly love.   Not something that someone else loves.  It needs to be an activity that you look forward to.  It’s true, you can grow to love things the better you get at them, but don’t beat a dead horse.  You’ll just end up frustrated and burnt out.  When I think about being active, so many options come to mind.  Jogging, walking, dancing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding… so many fun options.  I also know the things I don’t like, and I try to avoid them at all costs.  😉  I am enjoying my exercise freedom so much these days that I wonder when I’ll actually take on another endurance sports goal.  Maybe I’ll choose a 5k or 10k race for the fall and just participate to feel it out again.  It has been almost a year and half since my last Half Ironman, or any race for that matter.  Which honestly has been kinda nice.  I am really digging this flexibility to just do what I want, when I want to.  I love that I can find so much joy and peace in using my body.