Happy Friday!!!

The two-day juice thing is OVER.  I am so glad, I have no words.  🙂  I haven’t done anything like that in quite some time, and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it very much.  I would much rather eat 1,200 calories of real food than 1,200 of liquid any day.  Maybe it had some benefits that I can’t see from the outside, but I have a feeling all it was really good for was some significant sugar crashes and starvation.  That can’t be good for the metabolism.  So happy we only did it for 48 hours!  Now, back to a regular eating schedule.  I am actually looking forward to our other two challenges this month: one week of vegetarian and two days of vegan.  I believe that starts on the 14th, so I will keep you posted on how those go.

This weekend is Artwalk here in Birmingham!  Soooo excited.  James is coming down today on the Megabus and we plan to hit up the loft district downtown for some amazing local art.  Before we head that way we will be having dinner with my good friends Charles & Carrie Beth.  I haven’t gotten to see them much since their wedding a few months back, so it will be great to catch up on their lives.  I know Charles just finished his book, so we will be celebrating that for sure.  Once it’s published I will post a link for it!

Speaking of books, I’ve actually been working on mine lately.  I’ve done a big overhaul on the storyline that I think fits much better.  What I’ve come up with now feels perfect, and it is flowing much easier.  God only knows when I will actually be done with it, but I have a feeling it is going to be a faster process.  My friend Gin who is an accomplished novelist told me that her first book took her years, and she was still never 100% happy with it.  However, her second and third books were much easier to write and were more successful.  That makes me feel a little bit better about my snail’s pace.  You know though, I think some congratulations are in order for me on that because I am always in such a rush to complete creative projects.  I am proud of myself for giving this time to breathe and unfold as it’s ready.  Mark my words, this book will be written and it will be a true labor of love!