Fall is here!  Maybe not officially, but sure feels like it.  Especially this morning…the second I walked out of the front door the most amazing cool air hit my face.  If I could press some sort of button to pause the weather forever, this is the kind I would pick.  Some people get melancholy with the cooler temperatures, but I find that my spirits soar.  I think my saddest time of the year usually falls in January or March, luckily I have my birthday in February to keep me jazzed.  🙂

Fall for me has always signified new beginnings…as my most life-changing events have occurred in the latter part of the year.  I think this frame of mind started developing for me in high school with the coming of the new school year.  This is going to sound completely dorky, but I mostly looked forward to marching band season.  Most of my friends marched, and we had our own little social world during the months of football.  It’s interesting to look at high school kids now and think about the things I used to do when I was their age.  I remember feeling so mature (key word “feeling”), and that the whole world was still in front of me.  I also remember looking forward to being in my early thirties, almost my entire life.  I know that’s a strange thing for a younger person to dream about.  I just knew that I would have reached a point in my career where I would feel proud, and I would still be young enough to have even bigger plans for the future.  And it’s true, there is so much more time left to live.  I am very happy with where I am at this exact moment.

My favorite things about the fall:

1.  Pumpkin Spice  (decaf) Lattes
2.  Frisky cats and dogs
3.  Endless energy for running
4.  Halloween
5.  Yoga pants & soft long-sleeved shirts
6.  Thanksgiving
7.  The anticipation of Christmas and a new year
8.  Mystery
9.  Soup
10.  Autumn leaves
11.  Travel
12.  Floor heaters
13.  Evening walks
14.  Football season (mostly for the excitement in other people)
15.  Babies in mittens and hats
16.  New beginnings
17.  All things warm and fuzzy

James and I made pickles! Okra, grapes, cauliflower, onions and cucumber.


A weekend of amazing homemade food! Sunday night: 2-day pot roast, southern biscuits and Brussels sprouts with Dave, Amber, Lily and James.