How do you get what you want?  The easiest answer is to make an action plan with concrete steps towards a specific goal.  But what if what you want is based a little on luck and serendipity?  Sometimes the most magical life events have no direct path, or you have to meet it halfway with effort and awareness.  To me there is nothing more powerful than writing out your dreams and goals, then reading them often.  Adding a visual can make it even that more powerful as it assigns an image to your words.  For example – let’s say you want to meet the love of your life.  You can’t really force that to happen.  Usually a combination of factors go into making it possible:  loving yourself fully first, being mentally ready to enter into a relationship, knowing exactly what you want in a partner, being proactive and alert to new people, and finally having a stroke of luck by finding the right person.  That’s a lot of wheels that need to be going in the right direction to make it to your final destination.  This is the way most worthwhile things are.  There will be few things served to you on a silver platter, no matter how much money you have.  Well-balanced people know that with everything there is a little give, and a little take.   I think there is something to the subconscious having a great influence over what eventually happens in our lives.  So how do we attempt to reprogram that part of our brain?  It is believed that the subconscious houses painful memories and suppressed beliefs of ourselves, as well as information we may not need on a daily basis as to prevent “overload”.  This may be what we tap into when we attempt to remember something.  I for one have a terrible memory, so I wonder if that has anything to do with painful information that I might have pushed by the wayside.  Maybe my subconscious is a dark, scary closet that my conscious mind only goes into for emergencies.  😀  Anyway… if there was a way to clean out the subconscious mind of its fears and reservations, would we be more fearless and confident?  Maybe what we perceive as luck purely lies in our own beliefs, whether we realize them or not.  By figuring out a way to reach those deep roots and replant, then maybe we will have found the ultimate enlightenment.   The only thing that stands in the way of you and your dreams is…yourself.