Since I don’t post on the weekends anymore, I forgot to mention yesterday that Sunday was my mom’s birthday!  Happiest of birthdays JamieJean916! 😀  Also today is my Aunt Shirley’s birthday (mom’s sister), so another big happy birthday to her as well!!  Sunday was a very special day, not only was it the day my mom was born, but it was also my niece Lucy’s baptism in Columbus, GA.  My whole immediate family was there, so it was very special indeed.  Rachel and her husband David came up from Jacksonville, Florida and my parents and brother made the trip from Birmingham.  It makes my heart happy when my family is reunited all at once since there are so many of us now.  I’m so lucky to have each one of them.

Last night I had some one-on-one time with Vero over a delicious veggie salad dinner at Silvertron.  I still find myself looking at menus thinking that I can have anything I want, until it sinks in that I am still vegetarian for 4 more days.  It takes a little practice to remember that meat and fish aren’t options.  I know I said this yesterday, but it just feels so good to cut out the animal part of my diet.  I’m already thinking of cutting down my meat intake to only a few times a week when I’m done so I can continue on with this lighter feeling after Friday.

You know what I love?  A schedule.  There is nothing more comforting to me than a good plan laid out in a Google doc.  😉  Even if the plan needs to change or gets completely reworked, I mostly love the good intentions behind it all.  It’s been especially useful for when I see James on the weekends.  We have started to build in time to work on personal projects while also making an agenda of all the things we’d like to do together.  This is actually one example of where it’s been a good thing that we have such bad memories, as we are usually pretty diligent about writing stuff down.  It’s a nice habit to have and gives you plenty to look forward to.

I’ve been thinking about little things that I’d love to add to my weekly/monthly schedule in the coming months.  It would be great to join a book club, as it would hold me accountable to reading as much as I’d like to.  Also, I’d love to attend some writing workshops and even a writing group.  I think it would be great to learn new techniques for long-form while being around other people with similar goals.  There is another really random thing that I’d love to do: start attending more performance art events.  I want to see people read what they’ve written or perform spoken word.  I feel like that would give me a greater connection to words themselves, and how others relate to their own work.  I think there is still a lot to discover and learn from other writers through the art of sharing.

Mom celebrating her birthday in Columbus, GA with Lily Bug in her lap! (Photo by Rachel)