Today is day one of our two-day vegan challenge!  I totally forgot last night that we had moved it up a day, so I’m grateful that I was reminded before I messed it up.  Before going to bed James and I briefly discussed what we would have for breakfast, and with my tired mind I agreed to a bran muffin.  Of course this morning I realized that muffins are usually made with eggs, and I had no luck in my extra 10  minutes before work finding a vegan variety.  Instead I opted for a Kind Bar with no dairy.  It was only 200 calories, so I will be sure to have a good lunch.  My plan is to eat at the Golden Temple Cafe here in Birmingham, which has a big selection for vegan eaters.  For dinner we are making vegan meatloaf, inspired by my friend Tina.  Going vegan, even for only 48 hours, has freaked me out a little.  It is a pretty different way of life, much more so than going vegetarian.  You really have to look at every ingredient to make sure there are no animal components.  Just to test your knowledge, check out this list of foods that look like vegan but might not be.  Actually, after reading this list… I discovered that I already messed up!!  My Kind Bar had honey, and I didn’t realize that was a non vegan ingredient.  Dang.  I guess the point is the learn!  I should have done more homework.

Last night I had a “top ten” moment for 2012.  I was at my parent’s house after work getting ready to go on my evening run.  The rain had just stopped and the air was cool and crisp.  Mom just happened to ask if I wanted to take Lily with me, as she had a jogging stroller I could use.  I needed some motivation anyway, and it made me really excited to share a run with my little niece.  I even took Jack with us since I trained him to run way back when he was my puppy.  The three of us went on a mini adventure together.  I turned my Pandora on and let it play for all of us to hear as we moved along.  We found a fresh tennis ball for Jack to run with about halfway through, and Lily was singing to herself in the stroller.  Once we reached the top of the final hill, I could see downtown Birmingham off in the distance.  The wind was blowing a cool breeze, and at that moment I felt 100% happy.  All was well with the world.

Jack, Lily Bean and Me