I have a temporary Tattly on my arm right now that reads, What To Focus On: HAPPY.   It was the one I picked out in a pile from James’ collection.  There are about 25 rings around the outside of the word happy, as if it’s a bull’s-eye marker.  I wonder what the rings stood for in the designer’s mind – probably any one of the thousand other things that we can worry about any given day or moment.  It really is just that simple though, to focus on what makes us feel good.  Are you in a job that makes you happy, are you in a relationship that makes you happy, are you living in a city or house that makes you happy?  If the answer is no to any one of those, then you haven’t been true to yourself at some point.  You’ve gone off course into the realm of acceptance.  There are absolutely some things that are beyond our own control, but how we feel isn’t one of them.  We create our own environment, we have chosen to be where we are at this very moment.  Things will become unbalanced from time to time and changes will have to be made to correct your path.  I consider myself to be a fairly lucky person and my path is rarely free from obstacles.  But sometimes if I just change the way I look at a problem, or slightly adjust my perspective, the obstacle shrinks.  Sometimes what I perceive as an obstacle is actually helpful, but I couldn’t understand until I reached the other side.  All that to say, maybe worry shouldn’t have so much power over us.  Instead let’s look at the bright side, because there is usually one to be found.  By focusing on the happy we are surely going in the right direction.