Our imaginations are fascinating and endless.  Some of the best books and films tap into original concepts and thoughts that are brand new to the viewer.  It is interesting to discover what we collectively see as entertaining or enlightening.  Some of us have more imagination than others, or at least can access their creativity easier.  Is imagination directly related to dreams and goals, and therefore happiness?  Are those of us who are better at visualization more likely to succeed?  There is probably something to that.  However, you can dream all day, but if you don’t do, then it will get you nowhere.  Being able to see yourself where you want to be – both professionally & personally – is always the first step.  Next, is action.

A friend of mine lost her precious dog today.  It is so sad to have a pet pass away, truly a part of your life goes with them.  It seems so unfair that their lives are so much shorter than ours.  But if you think about it, this ensures that the fortunate ones have a loving home for the entirety of their lives.  Animals have such pure souls, innocent from complex negativity.  They bring so much joy and peace to anyone willing to accept it.  They are truly gifts from a higher place sent to teach us about unconditional love and care.  Is there a place animals go when they leave this earth?  In my humble opinion, yes.  I’d like to think that one day when my time comes, that all of my beloved furry friends are waiting to greet me in one big ball of happiness, just like the Rainbow Bridge poem says.