There is nothing better than a cool fall breeze.  I adore things that make you feel warm inside when it’s chilly outside.  A bath, hot chocolate, decaf pumpkin spice lattes, blankets, soft fall clothes, winter boots, fuzzy socks, floor heaters, etc.  I could literally go on and on.  It’s a wonderful sensation to feel cold, and warm, at the same time.  Does that even make any sense?  It makes my brain tingle on the back side, like taking the first bite out of something really delicious does.  Speaking of food, my mom invited us all over last night for a shrimp boil…and it was mind-blowing good.  Someone from my dad’s shop brought back some fresh Gulf Coast Alabama shrimp, which my mom cooked up with some spicy sausage, corn and red potatoes.  OHMYGOODNESS.  Heaven in a bowl.  It was so hot and steamy that my nose started to run.  😉  It was the perfect dinner to get our minds right for New Orleans this weekend!  Crush will be playing in the French Quarter this Saturday as part of the New Orleans Film Festival.  I can’t wait to be in Cajun country…one of my favorite places on earth.

Another thing that I love about the fall are festivals.  There are so many free community events to attend on the weekends, no matter where you are.  Festivals encourage a unique sense of unity, among people who are strangers and friends alike.  They also offer opportunities for small business to reach out in an effective experiential way.  James and I went to Atlanta Streets Alive on Sunday in the Old Fourth Ward area, and my favorite part was seeing all of the different food trucks lined up in a row on an overpass.  I always wonder about the food truck owners, as they probably all have their own interesting start-up stories and relationships with the types of food they serve.   Small initiatives, businesses and nonprofits are the creative backbone of our culture.  The fact that they can exist and thrive means that we still support individuality and new ideas.  Sometimes hand-made, home-grown is best…don’t you think?

Fall leaf


I made an apple garnish for the Halloween In Your Mouth cocktail James created.