I have an idea!!!  Thought of it yesterday as I was completing my blog entry.  I’d like to start telling stories about people who’ve accomplished a personal dream.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I haven’t figured out an exact schedule yet, but I went through a list of inspirational people off the top of my head and there are plenty to get started with.  In fact, I’ve already nailed my first one down and I plan to share her story with you guys next week.  My hope is to share relatable stories of everyday people making their dreams a reality by describing their process.  By seeing others do, it will in turn generate a positive momentum for the rest of us.   I will let you know soon when you can expect the first story and overall schedule.  It’s exciting to have a new assignment for my blog!

Speaking of announcements, I have one more for today.  I’m officially putting my hat in for the Georgia Marathon (in Atlanta) next March!  Eeeeeeeks.  😀  I’m really excited, and also a tad bit nervous.  Will my knee be ok?  I think so.  It will be almost two years to date from when I injured it in my first attempt at the marathon (small inner meniscus tear).  Looking back, I know now it was from overtraining and not listening to my body.  I’ve been told by more than one doctor/therapist that as long as I do my stability exercises, stop when there is pain and ice after workouts, I should be more than able to complete the distance.  Pretty exciting to think about.  As of right now, I can do 6-7 miles with no problems.  Going downhill is really rough on my knee, so I take it extra easy while descending.  What will probably be most difficult for me is trying not to have an unrealistic time goal.  Someone please remind me that I said that a few months from now!

I have several other dreams waiting patiently for their turn in the sidelines.  I’d like to do a full Ironman one day (not necessarily any time soon), finish my book, make a feature film (then make many more!) and continue to let happiness be a way of life.  I guess goals do take more than one form – hard deadline, recurring, ongoing, etc.  Some are physical, some are spiritual, some are cause oriented.  All equally as important.  As long as we are either thinking about or are actually in the process of accomplishing something important to ourselves, then our lives will always be worth living.