Tomorrow morning we will be NOLA bound!  For any of you in New Orleans, our film screening for Crush will be Saturday at 2:15  in Canal Place 1 (333 Canal Street, 3rd floor).  We are playing in a shorts block called LOL, which looks really fun.

I feel like I had a stroke of luck today.  While getting my oil changed, I asked if they could also top off the air in my tires.  The guy came up to me after filling them up and said that I had a bubble on the outside of one of my front tires.  I’m sure there is a more technical name for this…but that’s the only adjective I remember.  He advised that I get it checked out before driving a long distance (aka, New Orleans).  So I drove down the street to a tire shop, and they confirmed that my front tire would have blown out hitting even the smallest pothole.  And lord knows that New Orleans have the worst streets on the planet.  I thanked my lucky stars today that I more than likely avoided a very nasty situation.  Now I know what to look for in the future in case I ever get a tire bubble again.   They are dangerous because they let air seep into the outside rim of the tire, which eventually bursts.

Rebecca and I got some more fun news for Crush that we can announce on Monday.  It’s so awesome to have a film that’s doing well with festivals…it gives you many opportunities to network, see new places and get inspiration from others.  The first film I made in 2006, Piece of Cake, had a harder time getting accepted for several reasons – most likely length and genre.  Which is why I am even more grateful to finally experience what it’s like to have your work viewed by so many audiences!

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