I’m a happy girl.  Things may not always go according to plan, but I am so very grateful for my life right now.  I feel alive, proactive, loved, optimistic, hopeful, content (well, as much as I can be) and full of joy.  Amidst the happy clouds there are  still moments of frustration and other fleeting negative emotions, but they move through quickly.  There are times in all of our lives where we inevitably ask the question: is life worth it?  Is it worth the struggles, pain and heartache that we all experience from time to time?  I believe the answer is yes.  My own life has gotten better and better with age, too.  I’m not rich, I don’t have a big fancy house or a super nice car.  But I feel emotionally aware and thankful for the experiences that make my life worthwhile.  Good things happen to me everyday, if I choose to notice.  I have a body that works well, I have people who love me, I am capable of feeling happy emotions…and I do so as often as possible.  Sometimes when I feel unhappy, I think about the things I’m able to do at that very moment.  I can see, touch, taste, hear, smell, stand, type, talk, understand, feel empathy…I am literally alive – so many things that can be taken away at any moment.  I don’t know, but sometimes that is more than enough for me to take notice of how lucky I really am.  It just makes me want to say thanks to the powers that be.

This weekend we had a great screening of Crush at the New Orleans Film Festival.  On the walk to the venue with James and my parents, I kept mentally preparing them (and myself) that the turnout could be low… after all, it is a big festival spread out over eight days and multiple theaters. Upon arrival to our screening, I was pleasantly surprised at how modern and cozy our little venue was.  It held about 100 people, and filled up completely before our shorts block started.  There were 7 short films total, all fairly long (10 or so minutes in length, some even more).  The films that we played with were all very high-caliber in quality, and a handful even had name actors.  I felt really good about how our film stacked up to the rest.  It got really great responses and I could tell that the audience enjoyed it.  Nothing beats that feeling!

New Orleans Film Festival Passes


CRUSH screening at the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival


Just a few homemade pralines straight from the French Quarter.


Drive-by flower picked by James via the passenger seat window.