Cool air makes me want to have a constant decaf pumpkin spice latte drip directly into my veins, straight to my heart.  I just want to a make a big pile of colorful leaves and cannon ball right in the middle of them, then spastically flail my arms like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.  All this would happen while wearing a big fluffy turtleneck, boots and the biggest smile known to man on my face.  Fall is fantastic.

My sweet friend Sarah sent me a useful article this morning that I wanted to share:  5 Reasons People Fail (& What to Do Instead).  I identified with almost every point to some degree.  #1 was especially helpful, as sometimes I get wrapped up in the thought of accomplishing something as opposed to thinking about the positive emotions it will bring.  I’ve had big success with envisioning the feelings of an outcome in the past…it makes me want it even more.  When I look back on important life moments, they were measured most with sensations of happiness.

Also, there is something very powerful about #3 – Fear of Success.  I think this comes into play much more than fear of failure.  What if we do get what we want?  What if we become truly happy?  Sometimes our mind goes straight to:  I will have more to lose.  If you don’t have it, you can’t lose it.  You can’t miss it if it was never yours.  This is the wrong way to think about happiness.  You will fail.  You will lose things.  You will lose people.  You will also win, gain, and love in abundance.  I honestly believe that positive energy generates positive energy, and vice versa.  If you look for the happy, it will find you.  If you look for the sad, it will find you.  And I would much rather find happy.  We should search for, strive for and embrace success…because we deserve it.  Lose the weight, because it’s what you want.  Go for the job that’s a step above what you already do.  Train your body to run distances you thought were beyond your capabilities.  Speak in front of others about things you know about.  Do things that you are afraid of.  Do them until you them well.  Make yourself proud.