Lance steps down from Livestrong

Dang.  I guess I’ve been living in a little world of denial about my hero Lance Armstrong.  I loved him so much…his seven consecutive Tour de France titles along with his successful battle with cancer (testicular, which spread to his lungs and brain) made for a super human beyond imagination.  I loved watching him cycle, there was a look in his eyes that I understood from a distance.  He stood for everything that I wanted to be: strong, determined, unstoppable, accomplished, happy.  He was the best at his craft.  He also helped others.  Now, he has stepped down as chairman of the board  of the Livestrong organization, a charity that I love with all my heart, because of doping allegations that have stripped him of almost every accomplishment he was known for.  I wear the Livestrong bracelet on my left wrist every single day to remind myself to live strong.  What does it all mean now?  Was it a person that I believed in, or a mission?  Originally, I think it was a person – Lance – that I looked up to.  He was my hero.  But then Livestrong became a community where I was surrounded my like-minded individuals.  I used the MyPlate app every single day as I lost my weight in 2010.  I loved reading the stories of fighters…people who were focused on living a better life.  They were all there, looking up to Lance as a unit of strength.

I was forced to ask myself a serious question this morning:  Will I still wear the bracelet?  At first, I thought I wouldn’t.  I was disappointed, disillusioned.  I held out hope for Lance until the very end.  But then I realized that I don’t wear this bracelet for Lance, or for anyone else.  I wear it b/c it symbolizes strength within myself.  Lance now has another battle to fight, and I still believe that he is one of the strongest people who has ever lived.  I wish he would admit to his mistakes so he can start making it right again.  But regardless of what he has done, I am still inspired by the Livestrong mission and the people who strive for health.  Mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.  So, I will still wear the bracelet.  It reminds me that I am successful and worthy of the effort.  It reminds me that I love myself and believe in my goals.  I will continue to wear it in support of others in need of a community.  I think that’s what it is all about.