This Monday morning starts off with plenty of memories made from the weekend past.  Friday night I spent the evening with some great friends in celebration of a big life event.  There was lots of laughter and fun in abundance.  Saturday morning I headed to Oxford, Mississippi with James for the One Night Stand art show at the Ole Miss Motel.  He did a really cool art installation in one of the rooms that utilized moving images of nature projected off of a mirror that spun around the walls via a turntable.  In the background was an audio track of city sounds and atmosphere.  It turned out wonderful, and I think people enjoyed the environment that he created.  He also made some rad hand-drawn prints of the word Harmony, which is what he called the installation.  During the course of the day I got to see his Something In Particular co Directors, Melonie and Cubby, who had their own motel rooms full of art.  I also had the pleasure of making several new friends, whom I am really excited to talk about today in my blog.

First and foremost: Erin Abbott Kirkpatrick, owner of Amelia and mastermind behind One Night Stand.  If you are ever in Oxford, Mississippi you MUST stop by her art boutique.  It is teeny tiny, but don’t let that deceive you…. because you could easily spend an hour in there looking at the amazing hand-crafted pieces she has on display from some of the best artists around. Erin’s store is connected to the famous Lyric Theatre, which you will want to explore while you are visiting her.

The other interesting person that I met while in town was textile designer and artist Kate Roebuck.  She also had a little motel room set up full of art, and her work is truly unique.  Some of the items that she had displayed were not for sell, but instead were her own personal inspiration objects… like real bird wings and a dead hummingbird.  I’m not for certain, but I also believe that she had bird wings in her hair that night (which were beautiful beyond words).  She really transformed her motel room space into a world all her own.  If you get the chance, you should check out some of her work here.

Yesterday James and I had several mini adventures on the way back to Birmingham, the best one being an impromptu stop at a cotton field in Sherman, Mississippi.  It was the first time he’s ever been to one, so it was cool to share that experience with him.  Last night we ended the weekend with a delicious dinner at my friend Micah’s house.  She had about 10 people over for homemade lasagna and s’mores…omggg.  🙂  We dined outside on her front porch in the cool fall air and enjoyed good conversation.  A wonderful night!

One Night Stand art show at the Ole Miss Motel in Oxford, Mississippi

Room #124

James setting up his art installation for One Night Stand.

I got my very own Harmony. #17

One of the pieces artist Kate Roebuck gave James.

Baby Tom with his mom Erin (owner of Amelia!). Photo by James

Amelia is a wonderful little art store located in the square of Oxford! A great way to discover new artists and pick up a few unique pieces. Owned by one of the coolest chicks in town.

If you are ever in Oxford, MS check out Big Bad Breakfast!

Cotton in Sherman, Mississippi

S’mores! Love a burnt marshmallow.