This week is already crazy!  I am so sorry for not posting in my normal fashion.  Then again, there is something nice to giving myself some flexibility with my frequency.

I know Halloween is technically next week, but it feels like it’s happening this weekend!  James and I literally just figured out what our costumes will be for Friday & Saturday night, so I’m excited to share photos with you to reveal this year’s theme.  It’s something that’s been done before, but will be easy to make original.  I love transforming the way I look once a year.

Speaking of transformations, have you ever wondered why colored hair (outside of the “natural” spectrum) is still so taboo for school and work places?  This baffles me.  Most people would say that it’s distracting, but to me it isn’t any more distracting than wearing a bright pink shirt or electric blue shoes.  It’s just a form of self-expression, and if color is a bad thing, then I’m not sure what is good in the world.  I think it’s becoming more and more acceptable, but at a turtle’s pace.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Halloween, or something like it, were once a month… or even anytime you’d like it to be?  I guess it might take away the uniqueness of it all, but there is something to learn from freedom to express yourself.