Remember that awesome pop-up supper club I talked about last week here in Birmingham?  Well, my friend Emily Self Brown’s Freshfully blog post is up chock-full of details about the experience.  Here is the link as promised!

Speaking of food, I had the awesome privilege this week to attend the Atlanta and Birmingham 6 month anniversary dinners for The Burger Coalition.  James and Dan worked really hard for a long time to make the dinners a special occasion, and no doubt they were both absolutely perfect.  The first dinner was in Atlanta where I got to meet a bunch of new folks, as well as see some familiar faces.  The three course meal was prepared by Chef Fraser from the Commune Supper Club at the Indie-Pendent, a local art boutique in a fun Atlanta neighborhood.  Honestly, when I saw them putting the burgers on the buns, I thought to myself that for sure they would be overcooked.  But alas, every single burger… all 30+ of them, were a perfect medium rare.  No words to describe how delicious they were!  Birmingham’s meal was last night at Jones Vally Urban Farm and was prepared by the amazing Chef Hansell from The Veranda.  I already knew about 80% of the people in attendance, which was a very different experience from the night before.  Imagine this: sharing a perfect dinner with some of the most awesome folks you know outdoors on a beautiful fall night.  That pretty much sums it up.  You must check out everyone’s photos from both dinners here on Instagram under the hashtag #burgercoalition.  Remember that the coalition will be going forward with more momentum than ever before, and you too can sign up for one at the first of each month in either city on their website.

An awesome week can only lead to an even more fantastic weekend, right?  Tonight is my beloved Rocky Horror Picture Show Masquerade Ball at The Alabama Theatre, which I never ever miss.  Their costume contest alone is worth the attendance.  James and I will be in full on costume, along with my regular RHPS partners Vero & Clay.  Tomorrow night is the absolute best annual Halloween party in town – the Magic City Choral Society’s Heroes vs Villains Bash at Avondale Castle!  I actually hate sharing that secret a little bit, b/c it is so fantastic and not overly crowded.  But it’s for a great cause, and if you’re looking for something awesome to do then this is your event.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Atlanta Class Photo – Six Month Anniversary of The Burger Coalition, photo by James Martin

Atlanta Burger by Chef Fraser, photo by James Martin

Atlanta Burger Coalition Menu, photo by James Martin

A Top 3: Jamie Golden :D, photo by Erin Shaw Street

My official TBC member card. 🙂

The Burger Coalition Birmingham Menu – Six Month Anniversary

Perfect burger by Chef Hansell from The Veranda

The Burger Coalition in Birmingham at Jones Valley Urban Farm, photo by James Martin