Happy Tuesday!  What a crazy 24 hours for the weather, huh? I’m sending thoughts to all of our friends on the East coast who are having to brave the aftermath of Sandy today and in the days to come.

I am so superstitious.  I think a part of me believes that wishes can come true, and that some objects have special charms.  It could very well be that what you believe is more likely to happen in general, but I love to think that there is some sort of magic to it all.  At least on some level.  Halloween always makes me wonder more about the unknown, or the other side of this life here on earth.  Horror films are all based on the notion that spirits and entities exist, that there are good and bad things that can happen to us after we die.  Most of them are pretty ridiculous and impossible, but still, stories always make you think.  If you can imagine it, there will always be life to it…whether only in our minds or in another time and place.

Do you think that we will be able to record our dreams and thoughts in the future?  Beyond our conscious mind, there is another world of awareness that we can only tap into through specific means.  Most of us will never have access to what our brains are fully capable of.  There are two distinct sides to us: our physical side, then our internal world.  They both drive each other in different ways.  Experiences are usually documented by our senses, physical body.  Based on those experiences, our brain imagines new possibilities and scenarios.  It’s a continuous loop that propels us through life.  I think it’s strange that we can’t usually remember our dreams, and if we do then only for a short amount of time.  Dreams are so complex and revealing, almost like for 8 hours a day we go somewhere else completely.  I wonder what we’d learn about ourselves if we had the ability to study our sleepytime adventures.

I never really worried or thought about my age until a year or two ago.   I was even super happy when I turned 30, as I knew that the best of life was yet to come.  As a 33 year old, I am beginning to become aware that there isn’t endless time left to do all the things I want to do.  That may seem like a morbid thought, but it really isn’t.  I realize too that I could very well live until 100, especially if I have my Granmother West’s genes in me.  In that case, there is still 70+ years left to go.  I sometimes worry that I’m about to fall into a different category in life that is predetermined by others.  What does it mean to be in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc?  Nothing at all really, except that your body starts to age.  Does age mean that you become less attractive, less intelligent, less able?  Absolutely not.  But it sucks that sometimes we are trained to think that way.  Whenever I feel tempted to be afraid of aging, I just think of my Grandmother Edwards (Gayle)… my mom’s mom.  I won’t reveal her age, but you can probably do a little math.  James and I went to see her and Noble on Sunday at their new home, and they are more active than most people half their age.  They dance, perform theater around town, cook delicious meals and drink wine.  They truly have the life.  My grandmother is as beautiful as ever too, skin glowing and able-bodied.  Her mind is sharp and her soul is adventurous.  When I’m around her, I know that our souls know no age.