I’m on another no-weighing streak, 13 days to be exact.  It is so hard to not step on the scale… I have no idea if I am fluctuating in either direction.  I definitely let the number affect my state of mind when I do know, and usually not for the better.  If I’m a few pounds heavier than I’d like to be, I feel down… if I am a few pounds under, then I think I can eat more than I really can.  Do you ever battle with that?  But now I find that if I don’t know at all then I assume the worst, which maybe isn’t completely terrible.  Hahaha.  I like the idea of judging by how your clothes fit, so maybe I will give that a shot.  All I know is that I’d love to be free of the worry caused by assigning a number to my self worth.  I could also spare to apply more discipline to my eating habits these days.  I vote to restore balance!  😀

Besides that small battle in my life, I am pretty happy all around these days.  I have a lot of things to look forward to on the horizon, I feel really fulfilled emotionally, and I’m overall heading down an exciting path.  There are so many possibilities for the near future, and I’m hopeful for how it will all unfold.  When you look at your life right now, do you feel completely deserving of all things wonderful?  I tend to be very optimistic, but sometimes I find myself looking at what is realistic as my only options.  Is the sky the limit?  It should be, though sometimes I forget.  As you get more life experience, sometimes you modify your expectations along with it.  But isn’t the joy of dreaming just that… that you can be anything you want?  Your imagination doesn’t have to follow any rules.  Maybe if we utilize that creative tool more, it will open up a whole new world for us.  We are all deserving of living the best life possible for ourselves.  The first step is imagining it to be so.

Lily was a fantastic Thomas the Train last night.  In fact she was so into it that she wore herself completely out before getting to trick or treat.  That was ok by us, it was a good night without it.  Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for everyone at her house, which could quite possibly be a top-5 cold weather meal.  I ended the evening by watching a Halloween marathon on the AMC channel…had to get my last blood, guts & gore in before all was said and done.  🙂

A family of trains!