Today is an exciting day, though I usually keep who I’m voting for a secret for the most part.  Close friends and family know my beliefs, but I don’t feel like it does anyone any good to blast out opinions on social media.  But I do believe that being passionate about a candidate on either side is good, as it shows that we at least care.  The most frustrating part of the whole process is how scripted it all is, on both sides.  What I generally fall back on are my core values (for lack of a better phrase), and one candidate stands high above the other in that respect.  Now if there was a woman running in my particular party, I would probably be screaming her name at the top of my lungs as often as possible…which I realize is a little bit hypocritical with the social media comment above. 😀  I am proud to say that I haven’t defriended or blocked one person yet this election season (though I came pretty close), but I’ve definitely wanted to shake some sense into a few folks.  It’s important to remember that we won’t always agree, that treating each other with kindness and respect is the ultimate goal.  We are all equals and deserve the same rights.   This is especially true in politics and religion, no matter how frustrating it may be to believe that you are right and someone else is wrong.  The world will always need cause warriors, peaceful protestors, passionate minds and most importantly a checks and balances system.  But above all these things, it needs harmony… and that only comes from caring for the earth and living creatures that inhabit it.

James turned me on to the deeper meaning of the word harmony.  Just a few weeks ago he did a beautiful set of prints from the word that he hand-drew himself.  This week I am painting on one of them as a collaborative piece, which I promise to share once it’s done.  Thinking about what imagery to choose from the notion of harmony has been a fun exercise.  There’s the perspective of the world revolving around us and how we fit in, then there’s the reality of us being one of the tiniest pieces of a greater masterpiece known as the universe.  We are so small, no doubt.  But as a human, it’s hard to imagine an existence without us.  We are itty bitty, but our reach goes far.  We have our own energy, much like the sun, that travels distances we have yet to discover.  Isn’t that an amazing thought?  It is therefore our responsibility to do good with that power as one unit.  We often teeter on the edge of destruction, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum from what we are truly capable of doing.  But we also do beautiful things.  Maybe harmony is the existence of both the good and bad, small and large, living together as one to make something truly unique within a universe beyond our own human comprehension.

Close-up of Harmony, photo and lettering by James Martin