A good friend of mine made an interesting observation recently… she said that I tend to default to exercise goals when I need an emotional or confidence boost.  That when other big focuses weren’t exactly going my way, running or triathlon was my fall-back plan to inject my life with excitement.  She is absolutely right, 100%.  Even though I haven’t participated in any major events in over a year and a half, it’s always in the back of my mind.  When is my next race?  What is my next exercise goal?  I think this is a positive thing, but it also makes me wonder why I place such importance on accomplishing physical goals.  A 5k isn’t enough,  not even a 10k… it has to be a marathon.  It has to be a Half Ironman.  I have to beat my old times.  Why am I so competitive with myself?  My friend thinks it is a control thing… being able to control something that has a process and a high probability of success.  You can predict a training schedule, you can mostly predict the weather, and you can predict that if you do x and y, you will get z.  There is comfort in a formula.  There is comfort in an end date for a definite result.  That is very rewarding for me.  I like that seemingly impossible distances can be conquered with enough will and determination.  That way of thinking can be applied to most other areas in life as well.  You do the work, you get results.  Training is also a great visualization exercise.  Envisioning yourself at the finish line is almost as rewarding as the real deal.  There is no other pride like it.

Alllllll that to say, I’ve formed an awesome team with some friends call Team Half Crazy and we will be participating in the Florida Half Ironman on May 19!  If anyone else is interested in joining our little team, let me know.  We have 5 members so far, all girls (myself, my sister Christy, Lauren, Hope & Wendy…holla!).  We are not all located in the same city, but will be tracking our training online together.  I will be following a 20 week training schedule which will start at the end of December… so plenty of time if you want to consider it.  My other goal in preparation for the Half Ironman is the Atlanta Marathon in March.  I’m already about 8 weeks into my training schedule, and so far it’s been clear sailing.  I literally found the easiest program out there to complete the distance.  🙂  I’m not too concerned with my time, but if I can finish with 9.5 or 10 minute mile pace then I will be super happy. Honestly, just crossing the finish line of my first marathon will be awesome enough for me.