We have arrived in Jacksonville, FL via the MegaBus to spend the weekend with my sister Rachel and her husband David.  People look at me funny when I tell them that we travel this way sometimes, but it really is a super cheap, easy and fun way to get places.  The double-decker buses have wi-fi and outlets for each seat making it convenient to get some work done.  But don’t rely too much on the internet connection…it’s shady at best.

Besides the perpetual gum smacker that was a few seats back from me (one of my ultimate pet peeves), this day is starting off on a great foot.  I’m looking forward to exploring a new city over the weekend and enjoying some nice Florida weather.  I’m not sure if we will have time but I hope that we can skip down to St. Augustine at some point for a few hours.  That’s where David & Rachel met while they were in PT school, and I’m not sure they’ve been back since moving to Jacksonville over the summer.  It’s an awesomely spooky city with some great restaurants and pubs.  A super mini New Orleans in some ways.

One of my goals this weekend is to recruit David to join our Half Ironman team for next May.  Even though he hasn’t done the distance yet, he might as well be a professional…when he fell in love with the sport last year it was all or nothing.  He used to be an amazing soccer player and played for many, many years.  He had been looking for something to redirect all of that energy and passion to, and triathlon was a good fit.  We will see what he says!  If he is in, he will be our first dude on Team Half Crazy.

I will leave you today with a photo of brother-in law David (not to be confused with dad David, brother David or Uncle David) throwing kitty cat Owen on the sofa!  😀  It’s one of Owen’s favorite things.

Flying Owen!