It’s been so hard not having an iPhone for a few days… it’s going to be so wonderful to finally have my Instagram access back.  😀  In the meantime I bought a rinky dink $20 AT&T compatible phone just to get by.  Texting on that sucker is a real pain and I still find myself diverting to my phone to pass time only to discover that there is nothing even remotely entertaining.  I had no idea that I was so spoiled by my iPhone.  Only a day or two more before I’m back to real life!  I’m not sure I ever said on my blog what happened to my last one, but let’s just say that it fell into an undisclosed body of water on Sunday night.  Even after emergency rice support it died a painfully slow death.  I got several text messages that night saying that folks in  my contact list were butt-dialed, but alas, it was my phone saying it’s last goodbyes.  RIP iPhone 3.

My brother unfortunately sprained his ankle last night at the climbing gym, so I got the opportunity to babysit my little niece Lily Bean for about an hour or so.  I guess she’s recently learned how to play hide and seek because I spent the better of 30 minutes letting her hide and pretending to not know where she was.  The cutest place she hid was behind a long curtain… she was super still and I wouldn’t have ever known she was even there except for her legs and feet sticking straight out from the bottom.  So I kept calling her name and walking around, then eventually I yanked her feet which prompted hysterical laughter from her.  I don’t think she could be any more precious.  We spent the rest of the time chilling on the couch eating crackers and watching Ratatouille.

Sometimes we put our lives on hold waiting for big things to happen, while the most important moments are occurring when we aren’t paying attention.  Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to notice the things I might be taking for granted.  There are some things in the very near future that I’m hopeful will happen, which will drastically change my day-to-day routine.  It’s a huge privilege to get to see my family as often as I would like, and to see my friends at the drop of a hat.  I have such important people around me every day who I love dearly.  I want to be sure that they know that while I have so many opportunities to express it.  They are a part of who I am and help define the amazing life that I get to live. Who are we without the love, support, friendship and comfort of others?  You get what you give.