It’s Thanksgiving week!  This time of year we are all reminded of the things and people who make our lives whole.  Since it’s Monday I’m going to kick it off with a LIST OF THANKS.

This holiday season I am thankful for:
1.  Naps
2.  Long runs in cool air
3.  Cold pillows and warm blankets
4.  Cute nieces
5.  Family time
6.  Adventures with James Martin
7.  Baby Kitty hugs
8.  Highlighters
9.  Ideas
10.  Reinspiration
11.  A variety of good movies to see
12.  Yellow leaves
13.  Floor heaters
14.  Bangs and bobby pins
15.  Black boots
16.  Opportunities
17.  A pretty amazing 2012 thus far…

Three of my favorite things: James Martin, yellow leaves and hipster glasses.


Baby chicken cake pops for Lily’s barnyard party by Jamie Golden! Find her on Instagram or Twitter: @jamiesrabbit and order some for yourself this holiday season. They come in so many flavors and your imagination is the limit for design! Can only be described as rich cake goodness.


Lily Bean is 2! Present from James.