Happy day before Thanksgiving!  I was going to write that I hope your near future is full of food, love and happiness… but I know so many of us will go without tomorrow.  Which reminds me of the gifts I received on Thanksgiving, 2011.  My family was scattered around, and I was unable to leave town due to work.  It was my first big holiday after my divorce, and I felt very lonely and sad to have no plans.  That’s when my friends came to the rescue, I got several invitations to join other families for their Thanksgiving meals.  I ended up spending the day with my good friend Courtney and her mom, grandmother and brothers.  We had mimosas and plenty of food to go around.  I left there feeling like I had been included in something important after all, even though it was only 2 in the afternoon.  I wasn’t quite up for going home just yet, so I sent out a text to some other friends to see what they were up to.  That’s when I got an invitation to join my friends Sam, Demet and Demet’s mother Nigar for a Turkish celebration.  We had more wine, champagne, cheese, pasta and dessert than I’d probably had all year combined.  I wish I could tell you exactly what I ate, but all I remember is that it was delicious.  They shared so much love and treated me like I belonged there with them.  That Thanksgiving taught me so much, that family doesn’t always have to be interpreted in the traditional sense.  A little kindness goes a long way for others who may not have people to celebrate with.  I am so grateful for those memories, and it ended up being one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. 🙂

So my new wish for you is this: that you can make someone else’s Thanksgiving a little better either in a small or big way.  Maybe it’s a text, phone call or invitation.  Pass on the good cheer, and it will multiple your own.