I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was all that you hoped it would be.  Mine was very special and as always went by way too fast.  The day was spent with family cooking, eating and watching movies in Columbus, Georgia.  That morning my sister Christy and I went for a pre-turkey run, and I am so very grateful for that one-on-one time with her.  Nothing beats a workout on Thanksgiving before you stuff yourself!  Makes you feel like you earned it a little.  I think my favorite dish this year was my mom’s homemade stuffing… pretty sure I’m going to dream about it until I get to have it again.

Since it’s almost December, it’s getting close to that time for me to announce my new goals and dreams for 2013.  Have you thought about how your life might be different in the year to come?  What things would make you the happiest, small or large?  I really enjoy the cycle of a year as a way to plan, because so much can happen in 365 days… but also, if you drop the ball, then you can plan accordingly to make the changes needed for the year to come.  We get new opportunities to start over all the time, but there is something about the new year that is so inspiring.  I’m sure when I look back at what I had planned for 2012 that I will have missed the mark in some areas, but I also dramatically changed in ways I could have never predicted.  That’s the fun of it all – having the best of intentions but also being open to surprises.  It’s all about adapting and being flexible.  Today’s bad news could be tomorrow’s blessing in disguise.  You never know what’s just around the corner.  But still, dreaming has a significant place in my life that I hope never gets replaced by any other pastime.  If you can’t be hopeful, excited and passionate about something, then what is left?

The main areas that I plan to focus on for 2013 are creative goals, overall happiness and living in the present.  I want to be resolute in making small changes as important as bigger ones.  I want to continue my journey in learning to love myself even more.  These probably all sound like familiar goals for those of you who’ve read my blog for a while, but they continue to be the most important things.  You can’t love others  to the fullest capacity and give as you wish until you are happy with yourself and your own life.

Two things before I go!!  Mark you calendar for this Friday night to go by Vero’s gallery for the Craft Bazaar.  100% of tips and 10% of your purchase that night will benefit the restoration of Birmingham’s beloved Lyric Theater!  Be sure to say hi to Glenny Brock behind the bar who will be serving up tasty apple cider spiked on request, she is the lady behind the fundraising for the Lyric.  She is all around awesome and an important person in Birmingham.  ALSO, last thing, you should check out these beautiful handmade local ornaments benefiting The Little River in honor of Shane Hulsey.  I got one for myself today, and plan to use it as a year-round remembrance of living for a purpose.  Be sure to go through the website when you visit, and you will see why it’s such a wonderful cause.

Liz & Dick party


Me and the little ones Anna Banana & Lucy Bug