What an amazing weekend in Atlanta!  James and I kicked off our first Twelve Supper, which was a huge success and so much fun.  Thanks to everyone who attended!  We are going to host our next one in Birmingham on January 27th, so if you are interested please sign up on our mailing list.  There has already been a big response, so if you happen to miss out this time around we will do another one very soon in Birmingham.  The next supper in Atlanta will be a vegetarian meal with a date TBA in February.  We posted a fun blog entry on our inaugural dinner experience here, and you can also view the finished dishes and recipes on Pinterest.  I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for our fun little food project.

For my dish, I made an egg drop soup with chopped bok choy and spring onion topped with a sesame wonton candy that you could either eat separately or let dissolve in the hot liquid.  I was originally going to do a savory cotton candy, but the texture came out a little differently than I expected.  I got my soup recipe here, and my candy recipe on this site.   The soup was super easy to make, and I seasoned it with soy sauce and sesame oil (which I am totally obsessed with).  Bok choy is very much like cabbage, and I can’t wait to cook more with it in the future.

This weekend I am rolling up to Nashville with James to see a handful of really good friends before Christmas.  James will head on home to Cincinnati from there and I will come back to Birmingham for the holidays with a quick trip to see my sister and her family in Columbus.  Lots of activity to come!  Also, after Christmas, my official Half Ironman training will begin.  I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve decided to hold off on the marathon until later in 2013, even though my running is still going strong.  I want to build back up a little slower just as an extra precaution for my knee.  Every now and then it gets a tad sore, but it’s usually from something that I could have anticipated – like running downhill.

I will be having a quiet New Years on the beach this year with my family and James.  I’m happy about that because usually I put so many expectations on that night…so this year I will be able to relax a little and succumb to my environment.  There is something awesome too about being in front of the wide ocean as you welcome in a new year.  What new shores will you reach?  How will you get there?  Which direction will you go in first?  I’m ready for my new adventures.

Egg Drop Soup with Sesame Wonton Candy

The Twelve menu designed by James