Tomorrow is the end of the world (or today if you live on the other side of the planet)!  Then we are all formally invited to the zombie apocalypse  on Saturday, midnight respectively for each time zone.  😀  As if we didn’t already  have enough going on this holiday season.  However, I do love the Halloween spirit spillover!  I hope some people decide to dress up for the occasion.

If it were truly the end, how would you spend your last day?  It seems like a cheesy question, but there are people every day who have to face this reality.  Some of us will be living our last day without even knowing it.  If I knew for a fact that this was my last day, these are some of the things I’d want to do:

1.  Wake up with James by my side.
2.  Have breakfast with eggs prepared every way possible.  Dad’s sheep herder spuds on the side.
3.  Do a long run with Vero & Brandi.  Feel the wind hitting my face.
4.  Play hide and go seek with Lily and Anna.
5.  Watch Lucy being a baby.
6.  Love on a Baby Kitty.
7.  Eat the burger at Saw’s for lunch.
8.  Have a beer at Avondale Brewery.
9.  Listen to good music.  Dance.
10.  Spend most of the day with my family in my parent’s house, just being together.
11.  Eat dinner with James at Ollie Irene.  Have homemade apple pie a la mode at Chez Lulu.
12.  Meet my friends for drinks at Rojo.  I’ll have a prosseco, please.
13.  Tell everyone I love how important they are to me.  Tell them to go forward living their best life possible.
14.  Document my last day on film with a fun goodbye message at the end.
15.  Go to bed with James by my side, and a smile on my face.

How would you spend your last day?  Something to think about.