Do you believe in signs…that the universe or a high power can give you a heads up on important decisions?  This morning I am asking for guidance on a decision that could go either way, honestly.  When I woke up this morning I asked whoever was listening for direction, a sign that could potentially make me go either way.  When asking for signs, do you request a certain thing to happen, or leave it up to chance?  I didn’t really ask for anything specific, just enough to give me a little more confidence.  I will let you know if I get that sign, and if a certain path is taken I hope to share it soon.

I had an absolutely wonderful holiday with my family.  The weekend before Christmas I traveled up to Nashville with James to see our dear friends Emily (artist) and Chuck (owner of East Side Story).  James did a Burger Coalition while in town, and my old friend Susannah (southern author) joined with her sweet girl Thalia.  It was so much fun to learn more about Nashville, especially the  East Side where they live.  After James headed up to Cincinnati to see his own family, I came back to Birmingham and spent the holiday with my own loved ones.  We had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner, as we always do… then ate the leftovers Christmas Day.  We watched the Lily Bean open all of her presents, her favorite being a Thomas train set.  That little girl is obsessed with trains.  I did a whole lot of reading, knocked out The Linnet Bird and started on City of Eros – both about prostitution in the 19th century (and Christmas gifts from James).  I requested those topics as research for my book.  Speaking of which…

James told me about a great new iPhone app called Everest.  It is free and brand new.   It lets you create dreams, then break them down into steps in order to achieve.  It also has preformatted challenges that anyone can take a part of.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  I love conquering dreams, and any tool that lets you get closer to them is good by me.  If you join, please find me!

Tomorrow I am going to start my 2013 Quests and 2012 Flashbacks, all the way through New Year’s Day…which will give me five total.  These are my favorite posts of all to write, as it gives me a reason to think hard about my top moments of the year, and what I want to do with the next.  I also love looking back to the year prior to see if I achieved what I hoped I would do.  I know there will be a few that I either didn’t get around to or changed in process, so this is a wonderful time to reevaluate my path.  I can’t wait to get started…


My friend Susannah and her little one, Thalia!


A visit to the Jack White music store in Nashville.



A train set for Lily!


Santa loves 33 year olds, too.



New App: Everest! Create a dream, then make it happen.



Mom & Rachel doing some TripLingo tagging around B’ham!